Cooking block with single surface

The perfect union between performance and style

The fruit of over 90 years of experience for Angelo Po in the world of professional food services, it is the perfect solution for those who want maximum sturdiness, hygiene and beauty, both for the main kitchen and for open-style kitchens.

Single-slate work surface, without junctions

Defining characteristics

  Single-slate work surface, without junctions, made entirely in 3 mm thick AISI 304 stainless steel.
  Supporting structure in 4 mm thick AISI 304 steel.
  Single-piece dashboard.
  Handles in chrome plated aluminum.
  Knobs in chrome plated aluminum.
  Open flame grills in enameled cast iron RAAF, dishwasher safe (on request, in Ø 12 mm steel wire).
  Customizable 250mm compartment.

Personal in functionality

Thanks to the Online Configurator, it is possible to draw in detail your very own Monolithe in just minutes, enriched with all the customizable elements that allow us to satisfy all your requirements.
Furthermore, once your drawing is complete, the Configurator allows you to contact Angelo Po to get a personalized estimate and proceed with the creation of the Monolithe of your dreams!

Personal in color

Doors, dashboard and side panels are completely customizable with all the existing RAL colors.

Designed and manufactured in Italy

Monolithe is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy by Angelo Po.
Care for the environment, product excellence, consultation and education for chefs. These elements make up our history and our mission: to answer the most advanced professional requests, by exploring new territories and trends in food service, predicting and anticipating emerging needs and always putting at the forefront each chef’s creativity and their endeavor’s success.