A scuola di Gusto


The 6th novermber 2015 the inauguration of the new cooking workshop has taken place in Bologna, 5, Via Gnudi. It proposes the courses of A scuola di Gusto, a vocational education and specialization school dedicated to the food service sector. This school was born in 2010 by Iscom Bologna with the aim to promote the gastronomic culture of the Bolognese territory and its surroundings.

A Scuola di Gusto is the place where the Italian gastronomic tradition, especially that of the Emilian territory, meet the innovaion by the continuous experimentation.

The improvements applied to the new workshop concern especially the professional equipment fournished by Angelo Po, which collaborates to this program in order to underline it is interested in.

The education provided by Iscom Bologna is ideal for two specific figures: on one side, the basic courses are conceived for those who are interested in learning the pastry-making art; on the other side, the specilized lessons are dedicated to those who are professional in this sector.

The professional courses are the following: Pastry, Bakery, Chef and Pizza chef. Beside the frontal lectures even themed event are organized with the intention to get more people close to the cooking and food service topic.

In the enogastronomic tourism frame, the workshop has observed a significant turnout by the Italian and foreign tourists, underling the glocal effect of the activities developed in the culinary Emilian and Italian culture field.

In conclusion, tradition and innovation are the better combination to let the tourims grow, in paricular the enogastronomic one, which has increased in the last years in Bologna and in the rest of the region. In this growing and experimental framework, A Scuola di Gusto takes a central place. 




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A Scuola di Gusto

A Scuola di Gusto, the new professional cooking workshop about Pastry, Bakery and other food service fields, has the Angelo Po professional cooking technology. Read more about the project!

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