Well-being in the kitchen has always been one of our key priorities  

 Chef Comfort Pro is a unique system of Angelo Po. Utility patent.

ICON 9000 is equipped with the innovative Chef Comfort-Pro system which creates an invisible barrier between the cooking zone and the chef. 

Chef Comfort-Pro reduces the heat coming from the appliance, creating a more pleasant working environment.

The air flow generated pushes vapours, smoke and heat under the hood offering better comfort to the chef.


Chef Comfort Pro, at the same time, effectively drives fumes and unpleasant smells towards the hood, perfecting the extraction and preventing the environment being overheated, with the resulting energy wastage.

The chef perceives up to -40% of less heat

Chef Comfort-Pro is position-adjustable and the air outflow can be regulated (3 speed settings) to direct the flow as required.

Easy and Clean

To fit the air blade system in a cooking block the 20 cm motorized element (20N1TLA) must be inserted to which the special handrails are connected. They can be placed on the left or on the right hand side, for a maximum width of 1600 mm.

Easily removable and remountable for cleaning.



ICON 9000 is the only modular cooking system that makes optimal use of space thanks to its incredibly modular composition: as well as conventional side-by-side modules, it includes multifunctional elements above and below the top, making your kitchen less cramped and more productive.


Designed and manufactured in Italy

ICON9000 is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy by Angelo Po.
Care for the environment, product excellence, consultation and education for chefs. These elements make up our history and our mission: to answer the most advanced professional requests, by exploring new territories and trends in food service, predicting and anticipating emerging needs and always putting at the forefront each chef’s creativity and their endeavor’s success.