CombiFIT forno combinato compatto


Compact combi oven

The new COMBIFIT compact combi oven is designed to deliver the BEST PERFORMANCE-SIZE RATIO to save space in the kitchen: just 52 cm wide, it takes up HALF THE SPACE of a standard combi oven di un forno combinato standard.

A great little combi oven, crammed full of technology.

forno compatto combinato
Combi oven in just 52 cm wide

Professional features in a small space


  •  Digital and programmable. Intuitive, easy touchscreen interface.
  •  100% automatic cleaning system. Easy to select and clean.
  •  Default recipes. Up to 500 stored cooking.
  •  Simultaneously cookings. Multicooking function allows simultaneous control of procedures with different cooking times.
  •  Touchscreen interface and a knob. Quick, intuitive and easy to use.
  •  Cooking precision. Cooking quality is improved by active climate control.
  •  New core probe. Ensure the desired cooking temperature result.
  •  Up to 19 baking sheets. A choice of 11 (mod. CF623 and CF61) or 19 (mod. CF101) container levels.
  •  Superimposable. When there is not enough room in the kitchen and higher outputs are required (623+623; 101+61 ; 61+61).


CombiFIT is a versatile system that allows you to:
  • Roast
  • Fry
  • Braise
  • Grill
  • Steam, plancha or vacuum
  • Regenerate
  • Smoke

Compact combi oven Combifit is a professional combi oven in just 52 cm. Compatible with Smokerstar system.

Smoking in little space

SMOKING with COMBIFIT IS CLEAN AND EASY, thanks to the SMOKERSTAR accessory (FMSX + kit KFMSXCF). With no space problems or added expenditure you can produce hot or cold “HOME-SMOKED” products including meat, vegetables, cheese, confectionery, cured meats, oil and salt, serving GOURMET QUALITY raised to new heights.

Discover Smokerstar

Designed and built in Italy

CombiFIT is designed and produced by Angelo Po in Italy.
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