Chef vocation

Chinese-Style Roast Chicken 



6 chickens (2kg each)

120 g salt

180 ml light soy sauce

9 tsp five spices powder

Szechuan peppercorn salt


Corn seed oil


Cut onion an peppers in tiny slices and mix them with salt, honey, five spices and light soy sauce.

Brush the mix to the surface and the cavity of each chicken.

Place the chickens on the CHICKEN GRID.

Select from the COMBISTAR the ROAST CHICKEN memorized program.

When the oven reaches the temperature, place the grid inside the cooking chamber and the core probe in one sample chicken.

Prepare the side dish with roast potatoes and some grilled vegetables (pepperoni, eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes and carrots).

When the cooking program is finished place the Chinese-Style Roast Chicken accompanied by Szechuan peppercorn salt and sauces.