Chef vocation

Roast Beijing Duck



fat duck 2.5 Kg

garlic 80 g

shallots 50 g

chive 30 g

salt 300 g

chicken powder 100 g

sugar 800 g

five spice powder 50 g


Prepare the crisp skin water with vegetable, malt sugar and bright red Zhejiang vinegar.

Pour the boiling crisp skin water over the duck skin.

Cook the duck in COMBISTAR FX with DUCK memorized cooking program.

When the oven reaches the temperature, hook the duck inside the COMBISTAR FX cooking chamber.

When ready move the duck from the COMBISTAR FX to the blast chiller.

Using BE-1 cook&chill system, select the blast chiller menu and then SOFT + memorized program.

Cut ginger, peppers, onion very thin and combine them with salt, five spice pod, bright red zhejiang vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar. Mix and add slowly the honey.

Brush the duck with the mix and cool it in the blast chiller for a couple of hours. Repeat brush and cool for 4-5 times.