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Steam cooking

Strenght and kindness for a perfect cooking system

Gastronomy, pastry, and baking: In Combi ovens, the steam cooking allows cooking quality, and energy and first materials saving in any area of catering industry.

In Combi ovens, the advantage of cooking steam is not only economic, but it also guarantees a perfect cooking thanks to the humidity detector systems, and thanks to the operations of steam’s introduction into the cooking chamber.

In mixed cooking, the steam is treated as humidity percentage to be maintained inside the cooking chamber. It is a mix between the steam created by Angelo Po systems inside the cooking chamber and the humidity made by the cooking food.
The humidity active control inside the cooking chamber during the process – guaranteed by Combistar – allows the desired humidity percentage.

The immediate-generation steam guarantees the best humidity “quality” inside the cooking chamber, and it can be set as:

  • STANDARD STEAM: This modality is proposed by the cooking programs. A dry and subtle steam, that is perfect for every type of cooking steam and mixed cooking.
  • SUPER STEAM: In Combistar ovens, this modality can be chosen in the IMPOSTAZIONI panel in every moment. It is not necessary to change the set of the automatic cooking programs, and his use is recommended in manual cooking, in particular in bain-marie cooking.