Gualtiero Marchesi - The Great Italian

International event in memory of Gualtiero Marchesi

Angelo Po is Global Sponsor for all Roadshow stages and Main Sponsor of the Milan event (19 March 2018).

Gualtiero Marchesi, the Grand Master of Italian Cuisine, shares his life story with us and takes us around the world to meet, and discuss the great themes of food with, amazing chefs and other personalities of culinary excellence. The Great Italian, a worldwide roadshow in memory of Gualtiero Marchesi, visiting the places where the originator of Italian Haute Cuisine gained his knowledge and developed his ideas.

An iternational event

First event, with premiere of the documentary film, in Milan on Monday 19 March 2018

Roadshow 2018
September 2018 | Europe
October 2018 | America 
November 2018 | Asia

 Cooking in itself is a science;
it is up to the chef to make it an art. 


Gualtiero Marchesi