The professional ACT.O oven fascinates with a user interface that has been carefully designed to the last detail. The highly functional control panel and the distinctive, ergonomically designed rotary knob offer a new, direct approach towards interaction. The entire interface is simple and highly self-explanatory.
The combi oven promotes professionalism at first glance and lends efficiency and lightness to the work processes in professional kitchens.



ACT.O brings style and elegance in daily operations 

Square shapes and clean colors, as soon as a selection of fine materials, ergonomic features and advanced technologies make ACT.O a Made in Italy iconic combi oven.


ACT.O is the product ensign of Angelo Po user-centered approach

Each chef can customize ACT.O user interface to adapt it to his specific needs. The easy navigation of the control board guarantees every user the  immediate exploitment of the combi oven infinite potentialities.


Listening the costumer’s voice is the starting
point for ACT.O research & development project

ACT.O replies, with a wave of innovation, to the need for effective communication in a chaotic and fast environment such as a professional kitchen. The oven control panel switches in an easy-to use IOT device, remote controlled and monitored by
the executive chef or the manager.

Red Dot Award Ceremony

ACT.O Best of The Bet 2019 - Red Dot Award
ACT.O Best of The Bet 2019 - Red Dot Award
ACT.O Best of The Bet 2019 - Red Dot Award
ACT.O Best of The Bet 2019 - Red Dot Award


Discover ACT.O project

The genesis of ACT.O project


Fabio Osculati, VP R&D and Innovation.

We live our market places, we stay close to our customers, we focus on them. Listening to their voices, we can translate their needs into technology products, such as the ACT.O combi oven.

Angelo Po is part of Marmon, a global industrial organization comprising 10 diverse business sectors and more than 100 autonomous manufacturing and service businesses.

Being aware of new trends and developments is part of our daily work, for each of us, in every corner of the world and in every single office. Angelo Po, with this project, has updated the design of the combi ovens market. ACT.O is the answer to future needs in the food service market, with a Made in Italy style and design.

Research & Development of ACT.O


Fabio Osculati, VP R&D and Innovation.

Efficiency and energy savings, connectivity and sustainability are our drivers and focuses for ACT.O development. Work in professional kitchens is evolving year by year. It implies knowing your customers and staying close to the market’s evolution.

ACT.O combi oven replies to all these needs with a wave of innovation. ACT.O is easy-to-use equipment that allows better food preparation processes, with a fine style and Made in Italy design.

We are willing to sustain our client base needs, delivering safe, high-quality, flavourful food to more and more people. We don’t forget about the environment, helping to reduce food waste, providing energy efficiency and improving working conditions in the kitchen.

ACT.O Style&Design


Giacomo Spampinato, product specialist.

Style & Design are key ingredients of ACT.O’s product development strategy. The new generation of ACT.O combi ovens combines technologies, performance and Angelo Po’s long experience in culinary matters.

Square shapes, a clear user interface and a selection of fine materials make ACT.O a unique Made in Italy design.

Angelo Po helps customers to bring style and elegance, efficiency and quality into their daily operations.

ACT.O User Experience


Giacomo Spampinato, product specialist.

The ACT.O combi oven is the product ensign of our user-centred approach. Angelo Po design philosophy aims to bring functional benefits and to improve the quality of work of chefs and operators.

Easy navigation of the control board reduces the occurrence of errors during use.

In this way, beginners have a faster learning curve and experienced users can make the most of ACT.O combi ovens.

ACT.O Best of The Best


Glauca Vesperini, marketing manager.

Red Dot Award is a prestigious recognition for ACT.O designers and talents: this award motivated us to proceed in our mission: to enable memorable food experiences through high-performance equipment that also offers elegant and functional design.

We research and develop the best products that our customers can add to their kitchen and important awards like Red Dot Product Design are a key motivation for us.

ACT.O is the combi oven Best of the Best in the professional kitchen sector.

 Our core values are excellence and innovation and the Red Dot Award is a prestigious recognition of the intense effort our talented team have put into the development of ACT.O. In addition, it motivates us to continue in our mission to Enable Memorable Food Experience through high-performing equipment that also offers elegant and functional design

Massimo Aleardi, CEO



HOST 2019


Angelo Po ACT.O's new 4.0 combi oven has won the SMART Label award as a product able to determine significant evolutions in the Ho.Re.Ca.

The SMART Label prize will be awarded to ACT.O during the HOSTMilano event, from 18 to 22 October 2019 - HALL 3 STAND E33 E41.