Dinky Restaurant


An all-round menu at the Dinky Restaurant in Settimo Milanese. The Mediterranean tastes are mixed on Angelo Po equipment: double-fronted modular cooking Omega series, ICON9000 series and Combistar BX combi oven in order to offer a typical Italian menu of excellent quality.




Hotel Bellavista Limone sul Garda

The Hotel Bellavista in Limone sul Garda built its own kitchen with professional equipment Angelo Po. See the photos!

Dinky Restaurant

The Dinky Restaurant choose Angelo Po Omega, ICON900 and COMBISTAR BX appliances for their kitchen

Hotel Playafels

The elegant restaurant on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, in Spain, has created the open kitchen with professional equipment Angelo Po. Look at the pictures!


Antica Cagliari Bistrot installed the professional Angelo Po equipment, for an ideal support. Look at the pictures!

Tavernae Arke

Angelo Po designed and built the kitchen of the Arke restaurant. Discover it!


The Italian excellence of the Angelo PO brand and its professional equipment to service the Hotel Cosmopolitan Bologna. Look at the pictures!

Villa Pozzani

Villa Pozzani chosed Angelo Po for a professional and high quality kitchen. See pictures!