Environmental protection for a guaranteed future.

Ecology, environmental protection, energy saving, production sustainability: Angelo Po makes these words a reality.
We must be brave enough to invest in research. We must share a commitment to reduce the environmental footprint of our production processes. We must avoid using potentially harmful materials and lower production risks, consumption and noise, and we must certify all of these activities.
With this in mind, the production processes at Angelo Po Group have been checked, made ecologically sustainable and certified. Its machines and equipment are designed to guarantee energy saving, to maximize performance and to ensure excellent hygiene standards.



Social and environmental activities.

The entrepreneurial spirit of the Angelo Po Group has always been based on strong values, rooted in its surroundings and history. As a result, people are at the centre of what we do and are seen as resources to be valued and supported.
Corporate social responsibility is part of the Angelo Po Group's ethical mission, and works to create innovation and to develop local social capital.
Promoting corporate responsibility devoted to social issues means creating a new approach to business which is based on solid social and ethical values.
Over the past few years, this approach has led to the achievement of many significant objectives.


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