Bespoke projects



For catering, consultants and major hotel chains worldwide

Our dedicated team of professionals with decades of experience analyses clients' needs and provides tailor-made solutions that are high-quality, efficient and environmentally friendly.
The equipment and its setup limits wastage, lowers hygiene risks, increases efficiency and ergonomics, and ensures optimum resource use.
Angelo Po works alongside chefs and head personnel during the start-up phase in order to maximise information exchange and optimise system potential.


The service

  Analysis of the customer's needs carried out by highly qualified and experienced staff.
  Layout design and maximisation of efficiency and ergonomics.
  Production of ready-to-use, innovative, effective and high-quality systems.
  Coaching and training during the start-up and commissioning phases of production.
  After-sales service with qualified assistance.


The people

Expertise: highly qualified staff that follow clients from the initial planning stage to installation and after-sales.
Experience: thorough knowledge of the catering industry and its needs.
Presence: hundreds of agents and distributors around the world.


The certifications.

Angelo Po is meticulous, never neglects even the smallest detail and is continually committed to environmental protection and quality control. The company has implemented a long list of checks to ensure that its equipment adheres to safety, compliance, strength and performance requirements.
Read more information about the regulations and certifications we hold, which guarantee the quality of Angelo Po products.

CSQA Hygienic Design Certified.

Cleaning times and chemical use reduced by 20%.
Reduction of physical, chemical and biological risks for those who use Angelo Po equipment and eat food prepared with it.




Our projects

Our consulting and production services are available for your needs. Here, we selected some of our most representative projects at a national and international level. Each one testifies to the quality of our work and showcases the level of complexity we can manage.

Our projects