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Angelo Po guarantees maximum quality and safety where a healthy, genuine and tasty diet is necessary.

The guarantee is to offer differentiated dishes customized for any requirement; dishes that are easy to prepare, chew and digest, that provide maximum nutritional balance and the right vitamin intake, reducing as much as possible fat content without sacrificing taste.


A dedicated team

A dedicated team analyzes the needs of the structure to create a complete turnkey system.
Ergonomic appliances, easy to use and clean, versatile because they can adapt to both small and big productions and that allow for an ideal management of resources. We follow and train the staff at the beginning in order to guarantee maximum productivity and efficiency from the very first day.

The certifications

Safeguarding the environment and quality controls are a continued and scrupulous commitment for Angelo Po without disregarding even the smallest detail. The company carries out a large number of controls to guarantee that its appliances conform to safety, resilience and performance requirements. See the information related to the pertaining regulations and certifications in our possession, guaranteeing the quality of all Angelo Po products.

CSQA Hygienic Design Certified

Cleaning time and chemical product use reduced by 20%. Reduction of the physical, chemical and biological risk for those utilizing the appliances and those consuming the meals prepared with Angelo Po appliances.


Our references.

We have selected some of our latest projects from all over the world to give you a chance to evaluate our knowledge of the industry, our customers and our creations.
We invite you to visit the dedicated section to get to know us better.

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