Bakeries and Patisseries



Bread, crunchy croissants or delicious jams? And what about smoked sugar?

All of this is possible! Angelo Po manufactures a range of equipment that helps bakers and pastry chefs make tasty treats to delight their customers. The company produces efficient products to facilitate the work of staff, so they can do their jobs with passion, as if it was art, much like we do when we plan and create our appliances. Angelo Po products are multi-functional, leave room for imagination and can fit any space, from a local patisserie to a large industrial bakery.


Multifunction Combi Ovens

The legendary Angelo Po combi ovens, for perfectly even cooking and external colouring; integrity and consistency in the long-term.
In the first minutes of the cooking process, the humidity injection in the chamber favours both internal structure formation and external browning of the baked good.


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