Kitchen design and construction for restaurants around the world

Kitchen design and construction for restaurants around the world. Decades of experience in integrated system design allow us to provide our customers with equipment suited to their real needs and customised to respond to their requirements, paying particular attention to hygiene, functionality, efficiency and quality.

For over 90 years, Angelo Po has been providing top restaurants with Made in Italy equipment. We still use traditional craftsmanship to produce our equipment, while incorporating the latest technologies.


Professional kitchen services and products

Ovens, kitchen blocks, chillers, refrigerators, dishwashers, extractor hoods and all the additional appliances required by restaurant kitchens and dining areas that offer a la carte menus and must guarantee high production volumes.


The best for your profession

Our clients can be experienced chefs or beginners who have just joined the food and catering industry: either way, Angelo Po offers the right solutions to satisfy customer needs and ensures the highest cooking standards.


Widespread and fast support

Angelo Po supports all customers by providing equipment not only for the kitchen area, but also for storage rooms, warehouses, and buffet and dining areas: the same point of contact guarantees reliability, timeliness and convenience.


Our projects

Our consulting and production services are available for your needs. Here, we selected some of our most representative projects at a national and international level. Each one testifies to the quality of our work and showcases the level of complexity we can manage.

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