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Professional appliances to manage a catering service in the best possible way.

Weddings, events, shows, conventions: all need food cooked on site to guarantee a high standard of quality.
An activity that is very common in the modern food service industry, it has developed mainly in the last few decades and has had great success also with elite customers. The etymology of the word explains its objectives: “catering” comes from the

English verb “to cater,” meaning a series of operations aimed at “providing food, supplying”.
Often the need is to set up a kitchen on site, prepare a large variety of dishes with different cooking times, and offer customers an efficient, high quality service coupled with the freshness of the dishes served.



The certifications.

Safeguarding the environment and quality controls are a continued and scrupulous commitment for Angelo Po without disregarding even the smallest detail. The company carries out a large number of checks to guarantee that its appliances conform to safety, resilience and performance requirements. See the information related to the pertaining regulations and certifications in our possession, guaranteeing the quality of all Angelo Po products.


Our references.

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