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Angelo Po offers ergonomic, versatile, easy-to-use and clean appliances that allow you to offer your customers excellent take-out options. From vegetables to poultry, from fried food to the now indispensable sushi, Angelo Po can support small and large productions, to increase the margins of the store and decrease waste.


Cook poultry with Combistar FX.

Automatic handling of fat drainage and collection. Reduction of fat in the cooking chamber and surrounding environment. This translates into less maintenance, better quality cooking, easier and cheaper cleaning, no drain blockage and no contamination.

Sushi that is 100% safe.

The Anisakis cycle of the BLITZ blast chiller kills Anisakis and Opistorkis parasites that could be present in fish, making it safe for raw consumption.


Safeguarding the environment and quality controls are a continued and scrupulous commitment for Angelo Po without disregarding even the smallest detail. The company carries out a large number of checks to guarantee that its appliances conform to safety, resilience and performance requirements. See the information related to the pertaining regulations and certifications in our possession, guaranteeing the quality of all Angelo Po products.


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