Butcher shops



Not only raw meat, but also cooked or packaged products.

Angelo Po helps butchers move towards new opportunities with appliances that are easy to use to increase revenues with “take-out” food.

The recipes are easy to make, they help increase the lifespan of the meat, expand the assortment, and give creative ideas to your clientele to differentiate their home menu.
But not only meat! Grilled or marinated vegetables, smoked salt and oil, cheese…the butchery will be able to increase its margins by differentiating from its competitors easily, in a single square meter!


Combistar FX

The complete line of new generation combination ovens that guarantees high quality and versatility in cooking, together with ease of use and energy savings. 
Make your food preparations unique with the only easy and clean method on the market to smoke or cure food.
Pasteurize with Angelo Po! Maximum quality and safety for jar pasteurization. Make your very own homemade “giardiniera” (pickled vegetables mix), to maximize your profits.
Special oven Combistar Fx Chickenstar to cook roast or grilled chicken or other specific meats in a quick and clean way. 



Ideas for butcher shops

Angelo Po offers a series of extractor hoods ready for installation that can solve very easily and for little cost the problem of ventilation of the environment.

With our vacuum-sealing machine you get maximum safety and can lengthen the lifespan of the product.


Pre and post-sale support from Angelo Po gives the butcher the certainty of being able to safely expand his business.



Professional and efficient machines.

Earn as you save: smart cooking during night hours or at low temperatures.