BE-1 Integrated Oven and Blast Chiller System

Cook&Chill made easy with a host of new features

While designing the BE-1, we carefully thought through every aspect of its design, leaving nothing to chance. You’ll notice some innovative features straightaway – such as the built-in control panel. We’re sure you’ll appreciate the BE-1’s many less immediately obvious attributes – such as build quality, same-side door opening and practical suitability for the professional kitchen environment – from the very first day you use it.

A single control panel for two completely different appliances

The BE-1’s simple and intuitive eye-level control panel makes it easier both to manage your workspace, and to coordinate your oven and blast chiller effectively. With a single touch on the EVC control panel – which combines a touchscreen and an integrated control knob with push function – you can access the menu and select the cooking or refrigeration programme that best suits your requirements.
The BE-1 also features a remotely controllable LED display indicating the different blast chiller cycles in blue, yellow and red.

Both eco-conscious and economical

The highest standards of environmental sustainability:

  The combined oven is manufactured from 95% recyclable materials, and is designed for optimum ecological sustainability in both its cooking and cleaning cycles – reducing a company’s carbon footprint by up to 450kg of CO2 per year, and achieving up to 10% reduced energy consumption compared with other machines in the same category.

  The blast chiller automatically adapts its energy consumption to the task in hand with its patented Intelligent Food Recognition system, and minimum, medium or maximum load can be selected for each automatic programme..

Versatile cooking and chilling

The BE-1’s multiple cooking functions enable a chef to make the best use of recipes and food combinations, so that maximum productivity can be achieved at all times. As well as simply chilling produce, the blast chiller also facilitates steaming, deep-freezing, freeze-drying, leavening, smoking, pasteurising, preparing yoghurt, roasting, cooking whole chickens, reusing food, braising, grilling, bread making, defrosting, cooking sous-vide, and more.

The BE-1 can also be configured in three different ways, making it adaptable to any workspace or chef’s requirements.

We designed the BE-1 to make a chef’s work as easy and trouble-free as possible.
We came up with the idea of a control panel that a chef could use to manage two different appliances, such as an oven and blast chiller. The resulting design, the BE-1, is truly impressive: fast, easy to use and with all the controls at eye level.
Our design also allows plenty of room to accommodate baking trays, and includes non-obstructive doors with same-side opening, so you’ll never have to rotate them.

Safety first

The BE-1 is fully compliant with current HACCP regulations, and enables the chef to blast-chill raw and cooked produce without moisture loss, thus preventing the growth of potentially hazardous bacteria in food.
BE-1 is the world’s only professional kitchen appliance equipped with the S3C control capability, which guarantees continued blast chiller functioning in ‘soft’ mode at +3°C, even when the interface is inactive.


Intelligent Food Recognition.
IFR prevents surface ice forming on food products, causing changes in their appearance and organoleptic properties.


Preserve raw fish safely.
With Anisakis 24-hour protection, raw fish can be rapidly chilled to -20°C and maintained at this temperature for longer product preservation and integrity.


Unique features

By inserting a memory stick into the BE-1’s built-in USB port, you can download – from either the oven or blast chiller – any data requested by your local food standards authority regarding fulfilment of food hygiene and safety regulations.


Simple start-up.
Just place the baking tray in the ‘Blitz’ section, and the ‘soft’ +3°C chill mode will start automatically.


Powerful and fast.
This function automatically carries out 5, 10 or 20 simultaneous blast chill cycles, with or without temperature probes inserted in products.


Designed and manufactured in Italy

BE-1 is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy by Angelo Po.
Care for the environment, product excellence, consultation and education for chefs. These elements make up our history and our mission: to answer the most advanced professional requests, by exploring new territories and trends in food service, predicting and anticipating emerging needs and always putting at the forefront each chef’s creativity and their endeavor’s success.