Refrigerated cabinets


Food storage is the main ingredient for producing safe, healthy, high quality dishes. The wide offering of refrigerated cabinets meets all needs, guaranteeing reliability and excellent performances even in extreme environmental and working conditions.


X-CEL refrigerated cabinets offer superlative eco-friendly refrigeration, with high energy efficiency.
Their quality design is guaranteed over the years thanks to their structure in stainless steel, including back and bottom.
The interior, with press-formed stainless steel sides, ensures quick and easy cleaning to guarantee total hygiene.
Space matters: the interior, with external evaporator, provides higher storage capacity, while outside dimensions are optimised to recoup useful kitchen space.
Connectable to the APO.LINK portal for remote control.

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X-tra Plus

X-TRA PLUS upright cabinets are designed to deliver excellent storage quality with unbeatable energy efficiency.
They are designed down to the smallest detail for flexibility in use, while the interior with press-formed stainless steel sides enables quick, easy cleaning, for total hygiene.
The external evaporator provides higher storage capacity, while the outside dimensions are optimised to recoup useful kitchen space.
The range includes models connectable to the APO.LINK portal for remote control of appliances.

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Free-Go Plus

The FREE-GO PLUS range offers a wide choice of models to respond to all kitchen needs: in stainless steel or special anti-fingerprint steel, special models for storing fish, with glass door, refrigerator-freezers and compact models, as well as versions fitted for remote cooling unit.
They are designed to guarantee high quality, reliable storage even in extreme environmental conditions and are in climate class 5.
The external evaporator means increased storage capacity.

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Roll In

Refrigerated cabinet designed to take a trolley of 20 GN 2/1 or EN 60x80 cm containers. Built in AISI 304 stainless steel, it features a door which can be reversed on site, self-closing system, lock and light as standard.

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Retarder provers, pastry and ice-cream

Retarder provers enable excellent time planning and complete rationalisation of the production process, with guaranteed product quality.
Pastry refrigerators are equipped with state-of-the art, reliable, high-performing refrigeration systems.
The ice-cream freezer guarantees perfect ice-cream every time thanks to the ventilated cooling system with thermostatic valve, with air circulation not directly striking the product, ducted to all shelves for uniform temperature throughout the chamber.

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