Blast chillers


What is a blast chiller-freezer?

The blast chiller-freezer is a professional appliance designed with the very latest technologies, with an extremely powerful, efficient refrigeration system capable of reducing product core temperature, in the shortest possible time, from to +90 °C to +3 °C (90’) for blast chilling, and/or from +90 °C to -18 °C (240’) for blast freezing.

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The Cook&Chill system

Our blast chillers are ideal for Cook&Chill, the working method that minimises microbiological risk during food preparation, storage and serving. At the end of the cooking phase, food is blast chilled or frozen to conserve its appearance, flavour, etc. With the Cook&Chill method, dishes can be prepared in advance and their quality can be maintained over a long period with many advantages in terms of quality, hygiene and productivity.

Functional design

Convenient, rugged, easy-clean AISI 304 stainless steel structure, Easy View LED lighting, ergonomic displays.

Guaranteed performances

-40 °C in chamber for quality results.

A passion for extras

Defrosting, Proving, Retarder Proving, Storage…

Intuitive formula

Control panel for navigation with no training required. With USB port for data download. Blue/yellow/red LED lights enabling the operator to check operation even from a distance.

Exclusive programs

Smart On, I.F.R., Anisakis 15/20h, Infinity, Multy and many more.


To the APO.LINK portal for real time control of appliances and export and display of data log and process indicators.

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Designed and built
in Italy

Our blast chillers are designed and built by Angelo Po in Italy. Patented technologies, environment-friendliness, product excellence, consulting and training for chefs. This is our history and our mission: to respond to the very latest demands from professional users, exploring the new territories in the catering industry, planning ahead for evolving needs and always serving chefs’ creativity and the success of their businesses.

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