Glass washers


Extremely flexible, ideal for bars and the new small food service outlets, they are easy to use and reliable and are able to wash various items, from the coffee cup to the most fragile glassware; with their very compact size, they are perfect when space is limited and for built-in installation in existing furnishing such as bar counters. Find the right model for your needs amongst the full-optional versions with detergent-rinse aid dispensers and drain pump installed as standard.


The top of the Angelo Po range, the KE line features a control panel with high visibility, high contrast LCD screen visible in even dim interiors; the electronic circuit board guarantees control, precision and safety; the use of excellent quality materials, the double skin door, the double skin structure (with a large cavity of 10 mm), and technical-construction features such as the double flow washing pump (25% more efficient than traditional types) make the KE line unbeatable in terms of energy saving and operating costs: less heat loss, lower energy consumption, savings on chemicals and water. Models available that can be connected to the APO.LINK portal for remote control of the appliance (Industry 4.0).

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The KLE line features very user-friendly controls with soft-touch buttons and LED display and stainless steel construction with insulated double skin panels, with 3 mm cavity.

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KNE line models have very user-friendly controls with soft-touch buttons and LED display and is constructed in stainless steel with single skin.

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