Since 1922. Inspired by the
world to design the future.

We are not celebrating our last hundred,
years, but our next ....


A century can merely signify the passing of time or tell a powerful story.
A story without an end, as relevant today as it was 100 years ago.

So celebrating our Centenary means embracing, condensing and amplifying an important, vibrant message, which embodies the soul of our brand.

It means celebrating the past, present and future, talking not just about the product but also about the memories which will never fade.

As it celebrates its hundredth birthday, Angelo Po knows that it has firm roots in the past and a strong orientation towards the future.

A family for many,
the kitchen for everyone



What can you do
in a hundred years?



This is Angelo Po’s dream, which has become our own. It means following an inspiration and then inventing, creating and excelling. It is the dream of our customers, who find something of themselves in us.



Yesterday as today, in the small workshop as in the digital factory. Together, we build a brand that reflects our essence, we build a product that perfectly expresses who we are.



We never stop observing the world. Exploring in the ceaseless pursuit of excellence, towards more and more ambitious goals. And even America is not so far away if you choose the right viewpoint.



At Angelo Po, we design and guide the future. We shape the kitchen of tomorrow and the world in which we work, so we can guide our customers through evolutions and changes.

The Voice of our People

Our brand tells our story

We have never stopped progressing, constantly ahead of our time: today we belong to an international organisation that gives our name global resonance.

And yet, inside our plant the hammers of that first workshop still ring out …

Not because we still beat iron by hand. But because even amidst our state-of-the-art machinery we will always be guided by the same entrepreneurial spirit, founded on people and their skills and nourished by the drive to know what the future holds for us.