A single, irreplaceable professional tool


From -40°C to +85°C

ARI.O reinvents the way we work in the kitchen. Elegant outside and powerful inside, it is the multifunction blast chiller-freezer that controls all operating cycles between -40°C and +85°C for you, making your life much easier.
Flexibility, ease of use and record-breaking performance guarantee you safe, high-quality food, reduce food waste and improve work organisation and space management.




Crammed with ready-to-use functions and customisable programs

From -40°C to +85°C, programs and functions enable you to use just one chamber for cooking and chilling, so you can set ARI.O to manage your favourite recipes.

Blast chilling at +3°C at the core

Blast freezing at -18°C at the core

Controlled thawing

Low temperature cooking



Temperature holding

Positive and negative col storage






Absolute flexibility

Crammed with ready-to-use functions and customisable programs.

Focused on productivity

You decide what ARI.O will do for you, and when and how.

An irreplaceable aid

From cooking to freezing in a single action.

Constantly optimised space

Make room for ARI.O and gain working space.

Easy to use

User-friendly, programmable and always connected.

Quality and safety

The highest food safety and gastronomic results that never disappoint.

Record-breaking performance

High-performing in cooking and chilling, ARI.O gets to working temperature in record times.


Get full value from your space with ARI.O!

With ARI.O, you gain working space.
You know how crucial space is in the kitchen, and so does ARI.O. This makes it the right solution to the growing need for flexibility in today’s kitchens of all sizes: Angelo Po responds to consumers’ new demands and the latest trends in catering of every type and size with a state of-the-art, user-friendly, high-performing appliance that guarantees you the results you want and frees up kitchen space.


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Focused on productivity and efficient processes

You decide what ARI.O will do for you, and when and how.

In the kitchen, ARI.O optimises workflows and times, and does so all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: it also works at night and on your days off, when you are free to do the things you love.
ARI.O is constantly at your service, to increase productivity in a simple, automatic, sustainable way.


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User-friendly, programmable and always connected

Easy to use

Access to user-friendly equipment is fundamental in the kitchen.
Navigating ARI.O’s functions and programs could not be easier.

You can program ARI.O in just a few simple actions so that it stores your most creative recipes as favourite cycle, or rely on the automatic programs: one touch and the process begins, with no worries and guaranteed results.


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Essential functions, from cold to hot

Special functions, for people who demand even more

Automatic programs, developed for all requirements

Favourite programs, for the utmost customisation


Blast Chilling and Freezing


Slow Cooking









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