Compact outside. Immense inside.

It cooks in half the space


The compact oven for everyone

PRACTICO is the combi oven that takes up less than 52 cm but will surprise you every time, with amazingly versatile, high-performing cooking functions and programs and a large, user-friendly display.







The combi oven that takes up less than 52 cm but will surprise you every time.


The most flexible appliance you could wish for.

User-friendly and connected

A simple, clear and programmable user experience.

Gastronomic results

Gastronomic results always meet expectations.

Sustainable and reliable

There’s no limit to washing with PRACTICO: a big step forward in sustainability.


The most flexible solution

As main oven or backup, PRACTICO is the most flexible appliance you could wish for.

For the fast-evolving catering industry ... Practico is the answer: from the conventional restaurant to anyone needing an extra workstation for à la carte service, to service stations, fast food outlets, supermarkets, take-aways, cafés …


Very easy to use and always connected

Horizontal-scroll 7” touch screen LCD display.

Cooking programs customisable 
and preset, complete with photos and recipes: meat, fish, vegetables, pasta, desserts and a series of easily 
accessed special programs.

You can connect PRACTICO to your business’s Internet and access the APO.LINK portal: In addition to remote control of the equipment, it meets Industry 4.0 criteria.

Guaranteed results

PRACTICO manages all cooking parameters actively and with extreme precision to guarantee outstanding PERFORMANCE and UNIFORMITY

APlenty of scope for controlling the cooking environment, with setting of humidity level, steam cooking mode, cooking time in seconds and automatic performance of the various phases. And what’s more you can program a delayed start and change the parameters at any time... all with just one touch. 


There’s no limit to washing with PRACTICO

At the end of the day, effective, safe, effortless cleaning

ECO function available on all automatic washing cycles to save energy: a big step forward in sustainability.
Plenty of washing options to avoid wasting resources: for washing just as required to avoid wasting water and detergent, for 100% safety for the user, who does not have to handle chemicals. 

You just press a button: PRACTICO does all the rest






Vacuum cooking








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