Glass washers

Ideal for even the most delicate glassware. Professional, simple, reliable appliances with different basket sizes. Full-optional versions with detergent-rinse aid dispenser and drain pump installed as standard.

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Front-loading dishwashers

Maximum user-friendliness and flexibility for dishes of all kinds. For plates and GN 1/1 and pastry containers. Special washing (sanitisation) programs, models with water softener fitted as standard. Simple and reliable.

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Pass-through dishwashers

Pass-through dishwashers provide rapid washing, high performances and reliability. Different basket sizes (50x50 – 50x60 cm), able to wash trays and GN 1/1 containers. Special and sanitisation washing programs, full-optional versions with heat recovery unit and softener as standard.

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Fly-type tunnel dishwashers

High throughput washing systems. Basket 50x50 cm. Energy saving systems. Modular washing systems which can also include pre-washing, differentiated temperatures and rinsing and drying areas. All models can be connected as standard to the APO.LINK portal for remote control of the appliance (Industry 4.0).


Pan washers

Outstanding performances for washing containers, cooking trays, serving trays, bowls, utensils and pans. Dishwashers specifically designed to shift the toughest dirt and to process large items.


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