Refrigerated counters


They fit perfectly into any professional kitchen, meeting space, work and storage needs.
Designed to deliver the utmost reliability in any environment, they guarantee the quality of foods: fresh foods, for longer. Their excellent performances with lower energy use reflect unbeatable food storage technology.


Providing eco-friendly refrigeration with high energy efficiency, Diva refrigerated counters guarantee outstandingly flexible installation and the best performances thanks to the “U-turn” circulation at the front of the unit. The range includes models connectable to the APO.LINK portal for remote control of appliances.

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Melodies refrigerated counters meet all kitchen needs thanks to the wide choice of models: doors, drawers, different depths and solutions with or without worktop. The design ensures ergonomics and flexibility in use combined with optimal hygiene thanks to the external evaporator, the internal chamber with press-formed bottom, and the removable stainless steel rack bars.

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The Voices models are designed in special anti-fingerprint steel for a constantly clean look. They guarantee high quality, reliable storage even in extreme environmental conditions and are in climate class 5.

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Freezing counters

Designed with simple lines, they guarantee ergonomics, flexibility and easy cleaning. The range includes models connectable to the APO.LINK portal for remote control of appliances.

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Counters with remote cooling unit

Preset for remote cooling unit, silent and therefore placeable in any room. Their compact size enables them to fit every space requirement. The one-piece structure in AISI 304 stainless steel guarantees strength and reliability.

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Pastry counters

For EN 60x40 cm containers. Rugged and reliable, they enable all space to be used to the full and also provide excellent worktops.

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Pizza tables and refrigerated salad counters

Refrigerated tables with insulated one-piece structure for unbeatable hygiene and efficiency: excellent performances even with room temperature +43 °C, drainage hole for optimal cleaning of the internal compartment, and automatic defrosting. Exterior and interior in AISI 304 stainless steel.

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