Professional catering products

We offer products and consulting for everyone, from restaurants to caterers.


Modular or continuous worktop professional kitchens, to meet the needs of small restaurants and caterers alike, with a full choice of cooking modules: gas burners, induction, griddles, fryers, grills, pasta cookers....

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Combi ovens from six 2/3 GN up to twenty 2/1 GN containers, pizza ovens and salamander grills. Countless cooking opportunities provided by appliances that offer quality raw materials, user-friendliness and energy saving.

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Blast chillers, refrigerated cabinets and freezer cabinets and refrigerated counters for restaurants and pastry shops, pizza tables and refrigerated salad counters, cold stores and ice cube makers. We have a broad, diversified catalogue of refrigeration appliances.

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Equipped tables, cupboards, wall-mounted cabinets, shelves, wash-hand basins, refuse bins, vacuum packaging appliances.... A full range of additional items to complete the kitchen system.

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Glass washers, front-loading dishwashers, pass-through dishwashers, fly-type tunnel dishwashers and pan washers: user-friendly, flexible working solutions to meet the modern professional catering sector’s every need.
All models meet the criteria for Italian Industry 4.0 tax breaks.

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Room-centre or wall-mounted fume and vapour extraction hoods: from hoods with built-in vacuum system to conventional labyrinth filter models, through to the very latest compensation hoods.

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A modular, customisable self-service system comprising a wide range of refrigerated, heated and neutral elements, and drop-in modules complete with superstructures in matching style, to create a vast variety of solutions tailored to modern serving needs.

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Efficient, elegant refrigerated vertical display units for the catering sector, to combine the conservation and display of ready-to-eat foods, wines, pastries and chocolates.

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