Industry 4.0 multi-function combi oven which not only guarantees the best cooking performance but also “goes on-line”, communicating with mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) or the PC, for unbeatable efficiency.

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Digital and programmable, and designed to guarantee the best value for money, it allows users to select cooking/regeneration programs and set convection, steam or combined cooking in manual mode. With automatic washing with dual sanitising effect.

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The combi oven that multiplies cooking options thanks to simultaneous control of different cooking processes, and the innovative smoking and pasteurising accessories

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Compact combi oven, designed to provide the best performance in the smallest size and save kitchen space: at 52 cm wide, it is half the size of a standard combi oven.

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Pizza ovens

Static ovens for cooking pizza, with different chamber sizes to meet a wide variety of service needs.

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Salamander grills

Ideal for finishing procedures, for au gratin cooking and for foods needing an adjustable heat source in the top of the appliance. High-performing and durable, these appliances are at the top of their class.

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